Expense Chop – Part 2 of 2

Take a moment, or a few, to walk around your business to see where possible expenses could be reduced.  But be realistic, don’t take a panic point of view.  It is logical and good business practice to do a regular review. Don’t just get one quote for anything you need, [...]

April, 4th 2015|

Expense Chop – Part 1 of 2

Cash flow is key to financial stability and so is keeping the expenses down.  Initially a business will incur more expenses while setting up the office/warehouse/showroom, purchasing stock, getting equipment, marketing materials and so on.  Following this flurry the sooner you can settle your expenses the better. Get to know [...]

April, 2nd 2015|

The Mechanics of Factoring

If you weren’t keen on mathematics and have not so fond memories of factoring, you may just ignore factoring as finance. But there is no need.  Factoring in a finance sense is rather simple. Factoring is the sale of your invoices or accounts receivable for money in the bank and [...]

March, 11th 2015|

Working Capital to Keep Working

Capital to keep your business working, early in the life of a business this is not always guaranteed.  This is a stage when a client base is being established and long term relationships are in development. The Small Business Development Corporation defines working capital as “the money needed to fund [...]

March, 9th 2015|

Factoring, The Current Trends

For the last seven years the International Factors Group has issued a report commenting on the state of the Factoring industry.  The 2014 report shows it is indeed healthy. Information is gathered from sixty countries via a survey of providers around the globe which provides a comprehensive view of the [...]

March, 9th 2015|

Excellent Reasons to Work with a Factor

Apart from the factoring industry being an ancient and proven means of finance, there are many other reasons why it can be an effective activity for your business. An activity which doesn’t entangle you in a lot of red tape. You are a “start-up” Factoring is ideal for a start-up, [...]

March, 9th 2015|

Cashflow and Startups

Starting up a new business is both exciting and stressful.  You found your niche, you’ve done your market research and happy you have a sound commercial proposition, you have taken that great leap of faith and are doing it your way. Doing it your way though, unless you have saved [...]

February, 2nd 2015|

January – Is it time to take a holiday?

You are a business in Australia, it is post-Christmas, it is school holidays and it is January and it happens every year.  A lot of Australian business shuts down or at least goes slow, particularly small to medium business and particularly production and manufacturing. While this is OK if your [...]

January, 22nd 2015|

Business Cashflow

When cash flows it is always great for any business but when drought occurs so does stress, anxiety and grey hair. While expenses always seem to be present, income can ebb and flow.  The idea is to keep the flow happening on a consistent basis. Without a consistent cash flow, [...]

December, 11th 2014|

Cashflow Lending or Bank Lending?

There are times when red tape and bureaucracy are just too much to deal with along with everything else you need to do running a business, so you look for an alternative source of funding to a bank. Of course there are credit unions and building societies but they still [...]

December, 10th 2014|