“Most business owners are totally unaware of the hidden opportunities that exist in their outstanding sales invoices.”

Jason Leigh – Business Coach


Find out what Jim learned about Factoring that even some Accountants don’t really get.

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An Overview of the Features of CashFlow’s Financial Solutions

CashFlow is unlike traditional finance options, you can apply for a factoring facility without years of financial records, significant collateral and forget the reams of paper work.

Your clients and accounts receivables are the main consideration.

Start-ups, CashFlow is keen to work with you, as it is definitely an option.

Once approved, cash will be in your bank account within 48 hours and then on time every month, for the life of the contract. Don’t be hampered by lengthy invoice payment terms, send CashFlow your invoices and receive funds promptly and regularly.

Working with a Factor is engaging an expert to deal with your accounts receivable. When you don’t have the means to employ this expertise in-house, a Factor is your ideal solution.

Always consider your invoices as an asset, use them accordingly and fund growth without debt.

Although the terminology may be different – factoring, invoice debtor finance, cash flow finance, invoice factoring, invoice lending – it has the same result – regular cash flow.


The Power of CashFlow


Regular Cash Flow

Money in the bank to pay for ongoing expenses such as payroll and utilities

  • No need for an overdraft
  • Bank loan not required
  • Financial stability

Debtor finance enables a business to stay out of debt, as opposed to overdrafts and loans.



Quick Access to Money

Once an application for debtor finance is approved, funds can be in the bank within 48 hours

  • Avoids lengthy delays in achieving bank approval for a loan and receiving the funds
  • The ability to be “agile”, to make that acquisition, bid for a new project or take on new staff
  • Forward planning is now a reality



Bricks and Mortar Not Required

The sales invoices are the collateral

  • No need for bricks and mortar assets, inventory
  • Several years audited financials are not required
  • It is creditworthy clients that are the main consideration for the debtor finance company




As sales increase, the finance facility can also increase

  • As the value of sales invoices increase, your facility can grow and increase your cash flow
  • Terms are not cast in stone like a bank loan and can be renegotiated without
  • Your business can grow in line with your expanding receivables and client base



Cut Costs

Increase profit margins

  • Paying suppliers on time and in full puts your business in a better position to negotiate terms and/or discounts
  • Reduction in time and effort to follow up unpaid invoices
  • No need to offer discounts to customers to encourage early payment



Outsource Accounts Receivable

The responsibility of managing the accounts receivable is done by experts

  • No need for a full-time accounts receivable resource in your business
  • Saves time and money
  • Improves the accounts receivable process