Good Staff Equals Good Company

When a business has a good team of employees the sky is the limit.  The converse is equally valid. As an employer, I always look for the best people for our team.  I believe when having good people around me, I can’t help but be my best as well. Keeping [...]

May, 11th 2016|

Factoring. Sound Business Sense

Outsourcing is no longer unusual or misunderstood, it has become a valued service.  Particularly when it is not viable to have a resource in-house or it makes more sense to have an external resource. Today there are many services which are handled externally by a consultant, contractor or freelancer, for [...]

April, 26th 2016|

The Age of the Customer

For thousands of years sellers or traders have had the upper hand in the sales game.  But the shoe is now on the other foot.  Technology and social media have caused this major turnaround. According to Jim Blasingame, an expert on small business and entrepreneurship, in the age of the [...]

April, 15th 2016|

Business Debt. Sometimes Unavoidable but it Can Be Managed.

There are times in the life of a business that incurring debt is a necessary event.  It could be necessary to fund growth, cover a temporary shortfall or buy new equipment which are all valid reasons and positive for the business if managed correctly. The key is to understand your [...]

April, 10th 2016|

Mission and Vision

Does your company have a mission and/or vision statement?  Did you pay someone to define it for you or did you have a long company meeting to thrash out what it should be?  Is the statement relevant today?  Is it at all relevant today, to even have a statement? There [...]

April, 9th 2016|

Who looks after your Business Finances?

Your financial support will of course depend entirely on the size of your business and the level of financial activity which occurs. At the small end of the business scale, such as a sole trader, doing your own bookkeeping can be feasible but a visit to an accountant twice a [...]

February, 16th 2016|

A Budget Marketing Strategy

Even the most successful business will still do marketing.  For a business starting up, building momentum or wanting to expand, marketing is a mission critical activity. When starting up or early in the life of the business, funds for marketing can be low, even non-existent so what is the best [...]

February, 14th 2016|

If you have poor cash flow, do you know why?

Having a poor or hopefully not, a non-existent cash flow could be due to any number of reasons or maybe a number of reasons.  In order to fix your cash flow problem, you need to know why it is happening. Suspects to Clients Not having enough suspects, to turn into [...]

February, 12th 2016|

The Small Business Ombudsman

In August 2015 the Commonwealth Government announced the establishment of the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman.  The Ombudsman, as described in the legislation, will “advocate for, and give assistance to, small business and family enterprises and provides: for staffing matters; for other governance requirements; for disclosure of protected [...]

February, 10th 2016|

Factoring by another name is still – Cashflow

You have made a pass at the bank and they haven’t found you, or your company, attractive.  What do you do now? You could go to Thailand for a nose job or liposuction, join a gym and work on weight loss and gain a six pack but that also needs [...]

December, 14th 2015|