CashFlow recognises the stress that a lack of cash flow can create. As your Finance Partner, CashFlow can help alleviate that stress and free up your time and billing processes so you can go back to focusing on your business.

Here’s just some of the reasons choosing CashFlow’s Financial Services to help fast-track the receipt of payment on your invoices:

  • You need someone flexible who can cater for your specific needs.
  • You would like to avoid the bank’s need for copious paperwork and demands for a track record.
  • You don’t want to feel like you are in a ‘production line’ – you want to treated as a person.
  • You want to deal with a company and team that genuinely want you to succeed.
  • You are going through overwhelming growth and simply need someone who can step back from the stress and work out exactly what you need.
  • You are partnering up with people who have owned and run their own businesses – so really, they are just like you.
  • You need access to cash but want to avoid the hassle of taking on an equity partner.