Are you an Adrenaline Junky or Does Stress Wipe You Out?

Times are changing, even these days you can hear children saying they are stressed.  As a baby boomer this word wasn’t even heard of during childhood, you were more likely to be bored. Depending on your personality or the situation, stress can stop you in your tracks or give you the jolt to get going, [...]

October, 20th 2016|

Pricing Strategies

Get your pricing strategy wrong and it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is you may not be able to sell it.  What are the options and how do you get your pricing right? It is not as simple as calculating the cost of production, sales and marketing, in fact, all the costs [...]

October, 16th 2016|

BUSINESS FAILURES. Why do they happen?

There are some very obvious reasons why a business will fail but those mistakes keep being made and businesses keep going under. It is interesting to note that opinions will differ as to the reasons why a business will fail depending on the longevity of the business.  Start-ups and new small businesses are particularly vulnerable. [...]

October, 14th 2016|

Productive Staff = Productive Business

In an age where technology is used in every facet of business, it can be easy to forget the most important factor in any business is its people. We have all had conversations, complaints actually, about automated calls, having to talk to a machine; press too many buttons; go back to the menu and then [...]

October, 12th 2016|

Factoring. Debtor Finance.

Factoring and debtor finance are one and the same, great financing options for all size business and for a variety of reasons. Although factoring has been a finance option for a very long time, think Mesopotamia, it is still not a very well-known option for a business seeking finance. Banks immediately spring to mind when [...]

October, 10th 2016|

What Drives You to Succeed?

There are thousands of articles, books, videos and more all offering advice, tips and strategies to be successful. How many times have you seen something headlined “The top 5 tips from successful people;” “The top 10 habits of successful people”; even “The 8 Traits of ultra-successful people”?  Lifestyle coaches, business coaches and similar have many [...]

October, 8th 2016|

Regular Reviews Improve Business

We are all familiar with performance reviews for staff, whether we like them or not, whether we do them or not but how often do you do a thorough review of the business? Reviewing the business can be a review of processes, are they still efficient?  Is there a better way of doing things?  Can [...]

May, 16th 2016|

Is Technology Disrupting your Business?

No this isn’t about disruptive technology, advances which will transform life, business and the economy as we know it.  This about technology disrupting workflow, breaking concentration and even becoming an obsession. Technology when used properly and when required is an asset and can make work and life much easier but it also can be a [...]

May, 15th 2016|

Cash Flow Debtor Finance – A Client Perspective

A prominent story in recent news told of Rio Tinto’s move to increase their payment terms from 45 days to 90 days which would have affected $24 billion in supply contracts, many of them being contracts with small business.  This of course, raised the ire of business owners and business commentators alike.  Rio Tinto changed [...]

May, 14th 2016|

Big Business and Government Need to Pay Small Businesses On Time

Apologies to the Sydney Morning Herald for copying their headline but it is so to the point and so valid. The article appeared in the SMH, MySmallBusiness section in April and was written by Kate Carnell who is the recently appointed Australia’s Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman. The article is timely and comes just [...]

May, 12th 2016|