When a business has provided a consistent service for over 20 years, you know they are doing things right. Not just for themselves but doing the right things for you, their client.

CashFlow is a successful business because their clients are treated like real people, not just another business. You will get personal attention.

Working across a range of businesses, within a number of verticals, CashFlow reduces their and your financial risk as they are not focused on one specific industry. They also work with industries they are familiar with and where they have developed their expertise.

An independent Australian, privately owned, family business, it commenced operations in 1994, partnering with small to medium business ever since.
What is their ‘why’? They:

• See your growth as their growth.
• Believe true service is about respect, simplicity and flexibility.
• Know good communication builds good partnerships.

There have been many instances where CashFlow could have walked away from a struggling client and they chose instead to analyse their business, seek solutions and help them achieve stability and profitability. While accomplished and experienced in the finance industry, CashFlow has brought in specialists to assist in, for example, restructuring a business to grow and profit. They have also devised rescue packages for clients. That loyalty has earned CashFlow many loyal, long term clients in return. Some are even second generation clients.

CashFlow is successful, their longevity is evidence of that. They are diligent and will do their homework, you may learn things about your business you didn’t know before.

The team understands the ups and downs of owning and running a business, having worked with SMEs for many years with some of the team having owned their own business. Hence, they will treat you with courtesy and respect, work with you and get to know you.

A client who has worked with CashFlow with two of his business ventures said “We live in a day and age where so many just pay lip service and don’t provide a real customer service. With CashFlow it is not lip service, they work with you and as a result, I have a personal relationship with them.” It is a comment which could have been made by anyone of their many clients.

One thing you may not realise is, generally accounts receivables account for 2.5 times the company turnover at any given time. It has been proven many times by analysing balance sheets. This can amount to a significant amount of money which just can’t be used.

Darryl Raymond, the principal of CashFlow, expressed it very well “Why always have your money in someone else’s pocket?” And, why would you?